Monday, August 10, 2015

Crafting Butterfly!

Recently a friend called me a crafting Butterfly! I looked at her and she laughed saying every time she turned around I had a different craft or project I was playing with. Laughing I had to agree with her!  Hi my name is Maile Alicia and I’m a craft ENTHUSIAST!!
I have been sewing since I my first sleep over where I sewed my Lanz nightgown to a shag carpet and our mothers decided we needed lessons J At sixth grade I made my Halloween costume out of lame! Yikes did I dive into the deep end!!!  On my older brothers college tour I taught myself to knit lol that scarf is 12 feet in length and width stitches from 9 inches to 24 inches and back again!  From Girl Scout camp I learned beading and basic jewelry.  In college I continued with my sewing skills with costumes, accessories, and millinery. I actually got to work with Cirque Du Soliel and add to my skills.   While on a road trip across the US I met the sweetest Lady sitting in front of an antique store taught me needle tatt and gave me my first needle and spool of fabric.  I started Scrap booking with my sisters around 8 years ago. I have always carried a sketch pad and pencils or pastels with me.  There are a myriad of other crafts and art that I have played, learned, and taught over the years.

I’m sure there is a world more of crafts for me to attempt take a class and play with. Please send me a line mention your favorite craft maybe I already play and attempted it or hopefully I can learn a new craft!

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